Are you an artificial intelligence technologist? Have you read Ian Goodfellow, Joshua Bengio, and Aaron Courville’s Deep Learning book? Or competed any of Andrew Ng’s deeplearning.ai or Rachel Thomas and Jeremy Howard’s fast.ai MOOCs?  Have you been practicing or following recent advancements in deep learning, convo-nets, capsule nets, generative and adversarial nets, or deep reinforcement learning?

Let’s meet!  I’d love to talk about what I have in mind.

Are you a strategist and entrepreneur interested in helping with or validating some kick-ass and practical use cases of computer vision in videos including recognition, identification, classification, and summarization?

Let’s meet!   I’d love discuss and get your opinions about enchant.ai.

We can get coffee at a Philz or go for a walk anywhere in San Francisco or the peninsula. My favorite places are the Sawyer Camp Trail in Hillsborough in San Mateo County, the Edgewood Trail off I-280, or the piers in San Francisco.

Find and connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also send an email to enchant.ai at dickeysingh.com.

Dickey Singh
June 2018